Verizon to Market Kids Tablet

Verizon will soon market a version of its Ellipsis tablet computer designed for kids, an FCC document obtained by The Donohue Report indicates.

According to the filing from Taiwan-based original equipment manufacturer Quanta Computer, which has built 7-inch and 8-inch versions of Ellipsis, the “equipment is electrically identical” to the Ellipsis 8. But the new tablet contains a different FCC ID “for purpose of marketing.” The ID number is HFS-QTAQZ3KID.

In a letter sent to the commission on July 14, Quanta director Joyce Kuo asked the FCC to keep external photos of the tablet confidential for 180 days. The request would allow Quanta to comply with FCC regulations “while ensuring that business sensitive information remains confidential until the actual marketing of newly authorized devices,” Kuo said.

While the Quanta application doesn’t contain external photographs, the company included a sketch that displays the label on the back of the tablet (see image above).

Building a tablet for kids could allow Verizon to use its LTE broadcast platform to market niche programming packages for kids and families.

It’s worth noting that the CEO of Sequans Communications, which supplies Verizon with LTE broadcast chipsets, told analysts on an earnings call Thursday that Verizon is “preparing for the launch of two tablets.”

A Verizon spokesperson didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on Thursday.

Verizon released a 7-inch Ellipsis tablet, its first Verizon-branded tablet, in fall 2013. Last September, Verizon began marketing an 8-inch version of Ellipsis. The Ellipsis 8 is currently priced at $49.99 to subscribers that sign a two-year contract.