Verizon Go90: ‘Now The Real Work Begins’

Verizon product development pro Imran Maskatia said it best in a congratulatory Twitter post this afternoon for colleagues who helped put together the company’s new Go90 video service. “Now the real work begins!”

ImranTwo days after Comcast flipped the switch on over-the-top video rival Watchable, Verizon succeeded in launching Go90 apps on iOS and Android mobile devices. The Go90 debut is one milestone in Verizon’s shift from distributing subscription video through fiber-to-the-premises FiOS TV systems to wireless and over-the-top platforms. But Maskatia and his team haven’t yet tapped its true potential.

Here are some first impressions and screen grabs from a quick test drive of the Go90 iPhone app: 

Verizon executives have said that one way Go90 will differentiate itself from the competition is by allowing viewers to cut, edit and share video clips with friends via email and social media posts. That feature isn’t available for viewers of Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters, which is one of the few hit cable series that is available on Go90.

Verizon executives have talked about the potential for delivering personalized interactive ads through products like Go90. I saw a pre-roll ads from Pizza Hut and a spot for women’s Lee jeans. Verizon will likely get better at delivering relevant advertising after Go90 viewers spend more time consuming content.

Obtaining programming rights remains the biggest challenge for Verizon and other over-the-top video distributors. There’s a lack of kids programming on Go90.

I’m heading out to pick up my 3-year-old son from daycare after sending today’s newsletter. If I let him use the Go90 app on the way home, he would probably tell me to go get some (Nickelodeon) Paw Patrol.