Verizon Eyes ENVRMNT Virtual Reality Platform

Verizon technology partner Samsung offers consumers access to virtual reality programming online, including VR commercials from advertisers like BMW.

Verizon may be poised to launch a virtual reality platform called ENVRMNT, documents obtained by The Donohue Report indicate.

Verizon wants to use the brand ENVRMNT to offer a “virtual reality platform comprising a server, Web portal, virtual reality software, software development kits (SDKs) for virtual reality and video player software; virtual reality (VR) devices,” according to a trademark application it filed on July 13.

In a separate application filed last week, the telecom provider says it wants to use the brand ENVRMNT to provide a “Web site for uploading, viewing and commenting on virtual reality videos.”

ENVRMNT Internet ArchiveThe domain name was registered anonymously on Jan. 28, according to the ICANN WHOIS database. But an image of the site captured by the non-profit library Internet Archive in March shows that the URL had at one point been redirected to a site that appeared to be managed by Verizon Wireless (see image).

Verizon already sells Samsung Gear VR glasses on its Web site. Verizon has previously demonstrated how virtual reality glasses could be used to enhance live sports programming, including IndyCar races.

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