Verizon Eyes Bee Logo for Sponsored Data Service

A recent Verizon trademark application indicates that it may be approaching the launch of a new wireless broadband product that would rely on advertising-supported subsidies to offer consumers discounted Internet access and video programming.

Verizon filed a trademark application on Aug. 7 that features a bee logo. The telecom giant said goods and services it could market with the trademark include “wireless communications services, namely, electronic transmission of audio, visual images and data by wireless communication networks; wireless communications services, namely, provision of data to subscribers to promote the goods and services of others.”

In addition to disclosing ways that it could introduce sponsored data services in patent applications, top Verizon executives have said that the company is exploring how it may be able to use subsidies provided by content owners or advertisers market low-cost data and over-the-top video services.

“When you think about the monetization, there’s many different avenues we can do on this. There could be premium subscriptions. There could be pay-per-views using the multicast technology. There can be advertising models so that the consumer does not pay for the content consumption. Or, as others would call it, sponsored data,” Verizon CFO Fran Shammo said on the company’s first-quarter earnings call in April.

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