Verizon Building Giant Tablet

Verizon is building a new tablet computer with a screen that may run at least 10 inches wide, according to a recent FCC test report from original equipment manufacturer Quanta Computer.

Quanta, which manufactured the Ellipsis 7 and Ellipsis 8 — the first tablets marketed under the Verizon brand — describes the QTAIR7 as a prototype engineering sample.

An image of the label on the back of the device shows that the tablet measures 117.9 millimeters from the edge of the tablet to the location in the center of the device where the label is placed. So the QTAIR7 may be at least 235.8 millimeters (9.28 inches) wide excluding the length of the label, or at least 10 inches wide including the label.

Also worth noting: the Ellipsis 8 (pictured above left) has a rear-facing camera that is designed to shoot images and videos when the user is holding the tablet in portrait mode. The placement of the camera on the QTAIR7 shows that the camera is designed to capture still images and video in landscape mode.

Building a larger tablet could help Verizon turn so-called second-screen mobile devices into the primary device used by subscribers of over-the-top video services such as its upcoming Go90 offering. It could also help Verizon compete with consumer electronics manufacturers building giant tablets, including the new 12.9-inch Apple iPod Pro.

Taiwan-based Quanta is also manufacturing a new Android tablet for Verizon rival Sprint Communications Corp., according to an FCC test report obtained by The Donohue Report earlier this week.

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