Turner – Vubiquity Pact Could Eliminate ‘Hassle of Recording Shows on a DVR’

With the ability to convert live programming into video-on-demand content, executives at Turner Broadcasting and Vubiquity said the deal they announced on Tuesday could doom the digital video recorder.

“The agreement aims to fill a void in the television industry by delivering this model for a next-generation management system, allowing networks easy and efficient capturing and processing of viewership. Consumers will have the option to watch more content, shortly after it first airs, potentially eliminating the hassle of recording shows on a DVR,” the companies wrote in the last paragraph of the announcement.

By capturing Turner video feeds and encoding content for distribution on smartphones, tablets and IP-connected TVs within 72 hours of live broadcast, Vubiquity could help Turner monetize content measured with Nielsen C3 ratings.

“With our increased focus on delivering our programming assets to as many platforms as possible and the imperative need to monetize this content, the partnership with Vubiquity facilitates our objective to streamline and virtualize our content distribution process,” said Jennifer Mirgorod, Turner Content Distribution EVP of brand distribution.

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