ITV Pioneer Klappert Composes Mind Music

Walt Klappert, an interactive TV pioneer who helped Rovi Corp. develop next-generation user interfaces, has invented a system with a headband that could allow users to create music through the power of brain waves.


“Mind music is different for every user. That’s because a headband in my invention picks up on the electrical impulses from your brain. When it is used with the phone app I developed, it generates music based on your unique brain activity,” Klappert wrote in a blog post on Indigogo, where he is raising funds to help with costs for two utility patents he has filed for the invention.

Klappert demonstrated Mind Music in a recent interview with The Donohue Report, noting that he expects that the invention could help anyone learn how to play music. He has also produced YouTube videos that demonstrate how Mind Music works (see below).

The Time Warner Interactive and Americast veteran has experience developing technology that can respond to brain activity. While he worked at Rovi and its predecessor Gemstar, Klappert built program guide prototypes that allow viewers to channel surf by concentrating on areas of a TV screen.

“Unlike the other more than 80 inventions I made for corporations Mind-music and mind-controlled audio is my own work. If this Indiegogo campaign can pay for the costs of utility patenting, I will be able to move forward on a great idea without having to give up the rights to my work. My hope is that independent campaigns like this will start a trend which would give every inventor a way to get a fair return on his or her ideas,” Klappert wrote in his Indiegogo post.

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