Philo Expands to 40 Universities 

Following launches at Clemson University, University of Houston, UNC Asheville and a dozen other schools, Philo said its next-generation TV platform is available at more than 40 universities nationwide.

Philo, whose investors include HBO, is giving Comcast’s new Xfinity On Campus IPTV service a run for its money. Comcast announced earlier this week that Xfinity On Campus has expanded to 27 schools.

Previously known as Tivli, Philo debuted in 2013. Mark Cuban’s Radical Investments participated in its second round of financing in 2013.

Philo announced that it is redesigning an app that it built for Roku devices, including an overhaul of the visual design and the addition of enhanced search and DVR functionality. Philo’s CEO Andrew McCollum was on the original team that launched Facebook. Like Facebook, Harvard was one of the first schools to offer Philo to students.

“We’re thrilled to bring the revolutionary TV experience that Philo enables to many more students across the country,” McCollum said in the announcement about Philo’s expansion. “Together with our industry partners, we’re changing what this generation expects from television,” he added.