Pace Builds Pink Layer3 TV Set-Top

Denver-based Layer3 TV will power its next-generation cable service with an IPTV set-top manufactured by Pace, according to a document obtained by The Donohue Report on Friday.
If Layer3 TV deploys the same model contained in an FCC test report, it will become the first pay TV distributor to install pink and orange set-tops in subscriber homes.

“We don’t comment on equipment filings with the FCC,” said Layer3 TV’s head of marketing Eric Kuhn. “However, we have promised to be a next generation cable operator, so maybe pink and orange is the new black?”

The set-top, which appears to be a product that would fit well in a kids room, contains a unique sticker placed next to the label. It states, “WOOO OOAHH!! Who Turned Everything Upside Down?”

The Pace IPTV set-top is model C12516. Layer3 TV announced last December that it would use SeaChange International’s open Nucleus video gateway software. It is expected to flip the switch on its subscription video service later this year.

Layer TV was founded by former Comcast CTO David Fellows and Jeff Binder, a cable industry veteran who sold Broadbus Technologies to Motorola in 2006. Its leadership team includes Fox Networks veteran Lindsay Gardner, who is Layer3 TV chief content officer.

Article updated on Sept. 18.