Ooyala Preps Next-Gen Ad Placement Service

Online video technology provider Ooyala may be preparing to launch a new multiplatform ad placement service called Ooyala Pulse, according to a recent trademark application.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company, whose customers include ESPN, Univision, Sky Sports and Foxtel, filed a trademark application for the brand Ooyala Pulse on July 22.

The Telstra subsidiary wants to use the Ooyala Pulse brand to market “advertising services; placement and distribution of advertisements via computer, telecommunications, and broadband networks on multiple platforms and devices; advertising serving services, namely, managing the serving, targeting, monetization, tracking and reporting of advertisements; matching buyers of advertising with sellers of advertising; dissemination of advertising for others via the internet; marketing services, namely, conducting consumer tracking behavior research and consumer trend analysis; market research services relating to advertising and marketing, namely, providing website, application, and video consumption metrics, statistics, user activity data, and marketing and advertising reports of users’ activities; advertising and promotion services; advertising by transmission of on-line publicity for third parties through electronic communications networks; making referrals in the field of entertainment services for products, services, events, activities, facilities, and locations; audience rating determination for audio, video, and multimedia multicasts; advertising and business management services, namely, services in connection with measuring, managing, syndicating, tracking, and/or monetizing videos; advertising and business management services, namely, allowing users to submit advertising links and providing advertising links to products within videos,” according to the trademark application.