NBCU Sees Franchise Potential In OTT Comedy

With the upcoming launch of $3.99 monthly comedy service Seeso, NBCUniversal will look to grow direct-to-consumer revenue with an SVOD product that offers both library and original content.

The Comcast subsidiary sees potential for the over-the-top product to become a major franchise, 15 trademark applications obtained by The Donohue Report indicate.

Goods and services NBCU said it could market with the Seeso brand include, “online retail store services featuring streamed and downloadable pre-recorded audio, video, audiovisual and multimedia content and games,” and “telecommunications; broadcasting, transmission, caching, delivery and streaming of audiovisual and multimedia content in the fields of news, entertainment, film, television shows, sports, comedy, drama, games, music, and music videos via the internet, mobile digital electronic devices, communications networks and wireless telecommunications networks.”

Seeso is scheduled to debut in January. NBCU filed the trademark applications on Nov. 17.