MobiTV Hits Manufacturing Delays for Streaming Stick

A top executive at MobiTV, which said last fall that at least one major U.S. wireless carrier would deploy a white label HDMI stick capable of streaming subscription video to the TV in the first half of 2015, told The Donohue Report on Thursday that the deployment schedule has been pushed back.

“We are manufacturing with a small run of them now. You’ll see them in the coming months in 2015,” MobiTV CTO Rick Herman said in an interview on Thursday.

In September, Herman had said that MobiTV expected to see wide deployment of the MobiTV Connect streaming video device as early as January 2015. “You’re going to see a lot of these in the field in the first half of next year,” Herman had said in an interview at the CTIA convention in Las Vegas.

MobiTV hasn’t named which U.S. carriers will deploy its streaming video device, which is being manufactured by Jabil Circuit Inc.

One potential partner is Sprint Corp. subsidiary Boost Mobile, which recently announced it was working with MobiTV to launch a prepaid mobile video service offering live sports and Spanish-language programming.

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