Disruptors 2003: Higgins and Freston Discuss Future of TV

In October 2003, the late B&C reporter John Higgins asked MTV Networks CEO Tom Freston to share vision for how the network group would evolve with the introduction of digital technology.

Higgins: What do you see next for MTV? Is MTV still fresh in 10 years or 20 years?

Freston: We really see the move to digital now really happening with wireless, and the Internet, and downloading, and the way people are consuming and thinking about music, and cell phones, and how we move into that era and stay interesting and relevant is a real big challenge – the world of TiVo and the DVRs – it’s going to require lots of changes and lots of changes in processes, not only by ourselves but I think by all the other television networks for the next ten years, a time of real profound change. So I think we can be as great as we are today.