Paul Allen Eyes UPSTREAM Service

Technology veteran and musician Paul Allen may be developing a new entertainment and education service called UPSTREAM, according to a recent trademark application obtained by The Donohue Report.

The Microsoft Corp. co-founder and former Charter Communications Inc. and Digeo Inc. chairman wants the right to use the brand UPSTREAM to market everything from music and film festivals to education and “entertainment services, namely, providing a Web site featuring photographic, video and prose presentations featuring film, music or art.”

Allen’s Vulcan Inc. filed the trademark application on July 1.

When Allen ran Charter and interactive TV firm Digeo, he attended cable conventions such as The Western Show and the National Show (now known as INTX). In 2002, Allen generated buzz at the annual National Cable & Telecommunications Association convention in New Orleans when he hosted a party for cable executives aboard the yacht Tatoosh. The technology developer is also a skilled guitar player.

The UPSTREAM trademark filing is also something that Allen may be able to use for the EMP Museum (formerly known as Experience Music Project), which Allen founded in 2000.

Officials at Vulcan didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment about the UPSTREAM trademark application on Thursday.