FCC Clears Next-Gen Comcast CPE From Cisco, Pace

Comcast suppliers Cisco and Pace won FCC approval this week for next-gen Wi-Fi devices that the nation’s largest cable MSO will use to shuttle IP video wirelessly to connected TVs and devices ranging from gaming consoles to tablet computers.

Advanced Power Supply with WiFi and MoCAThe Cisco device appears to be the Gigabit Home Gateway that Comcast unveiled at the INTX convention in Chicago earlier this year. Comcast displayed the Gigabit Home Gateway and a Wi-Fi extender at the opening of its Studio Xfinity retail store in Chicago during the convention (see images above).

Cisco calls the device “Advanced Power Supply With WiFi and MoCA” in the FCC report that The Donohue Report obtained on Thursday. It has the same model number as the device we photographed at the Studio Xfinity event in May.

Pace Xw2The Pace device contained in an FCC report that became public on Wednesday is the Xfinity XW2. The size of a thumb drive, the XW2 is a WiFi adapter for IP client set-tops. Rather than drilling through walls at subcriber homes to run coaxial cable, Xfinity subscribers will be able to insert the XW2 into thin client set-tops that will be connected wirelessly to gateways like the Cisco tower device.

Cisco and Pace both hired Taiwan-based original equipment manufacturer Pegatron Corp. to build the new Comcast gear, according to the test reports.

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