DreamWorks Trademarks MF.MOBILE for Streaming Video Service

Nearly five months after announcing a deal to supply 200 hours of over-the-top video programming to Verizon, DreamWorks animation filed two trademark applications for the brand MF.MOBILE.

Goods and services DreamWorks said could be offered under the MF.MOBILE brand include “television, cable television, satellite television, mobile and Internet broadcasting services; broadcasting and transmission of programming, audio and visual content, television programs, movies, and entertainment media content via television, cable television, satellite television, video-on-demand, digital media, the Internet, and wireless and mobile networks.”

In a separate trademark application, DreamWorks said MF.MOBILE could be used for “communication platforms and networks; mobile computing and operating platform to enable downloading, accessing, displaying, tagging, streaming, sharing and otherwise providing electronic media and information via computer, mobile, and communication platforms and networks.” Both trademark applications were filed on Aug. 7.

It’s important to note that DreamWorks may not commercialize the brand in any way. But if we were to speculate about potentially disruptive use cases for the MF.MOBILE brand, one possibility could be a DreamWorks-backed MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). It’s also worth noting that Hearst Corp., which owns 20% of Walt Disney Co.’s ESPN, bought a 25% stake in multiplatform video service AwesomenessTV from DreamWorks last fall.