Dish Nears Deployment of 4K ‘Melbourne’ Remote

Dish Network appears to be close to deploying a new touchpad remote control called Melbourne, according to a recent FCC test report from manufacturer SMK Electronics.

Scott Greczkowski, founder of satellite TV news blog Satellite Guys, said the touchpad remote will be shipping with the 4K version of Dish’s Joey wireless set-top. “We were supposed to see it in March, but they kept on having problems with the voice function on it,” Greczkowski told The Donohue Report on Wednesday.

Melbourne, an ultra high frequency (UHF) remote that can control set-tops placed in closed entertainment centers, will challenge Comcast’s Xfinity Voice Remote.

The FCC test report obtained by The Donohue Report contains a diagram that shows the label and shape of the back of the remote control.


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