Comcast Subsidiary Trademarks OTT Mascots

Comcast’s Universal City Studios may be looking at introducing new over-the-top video and gaming service, according to 22 trademark applications obtained by The Donohue Report.

Universal City Studios reserved the right to use images of an alligator, rabbit and cat for “entertainment services in the nature of development and production of multimedia entertainment content; providing a website featuring non-downloadable videos and images in the field of drama, action, adventure, romance, comedy, documentaries, science fiction, horror and animation provided via global computer networks, wireless communication networks and portable device applications.”

Universal also filed trademark applications on July 10 that could allow it to use the characters in video games, toys, games, bags, cardboard and even apple sauce.

VodieThe NBCUniversal subsidiary isn’t the only provider looking at using animal mascots for an over-the-top video product. In January 2014, AT&T filed trademark applications for the brand Vodie, and images of a Fox logo, for use in an online video service. AT&T’s Vodie trademarks were filed three months before it formed a joint venture with former Fox executive Peter Chernin to invest in and launch online video businesses.


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