Comcast Designs New Remote Control

Comcast is building a remote control that contains a touch-sensitive display screen designed to help subscribers to navigate program listings that would be personalized for each member of a family, according to images contained in a recent patent application.The device, which would come with a charging station, has an angled directional control pad. “The directional control pad may have a disk-shaped appearance, and may include a rear portion that allows the directional control pad to give the appearance of a single disk tilted in the apparatus body,” Comcast states in the patent application, which was published on April 2.

The remote contains very few buttons, and would likely accept voice commands. Comcast recently began rolling out its first voice-activated remote control, the XR-11.

Tom Loretan, Comcast VP and executive creative director of user experience and product design, is named as the inventor on the patent application.