CBS Updates Star Trek Logo For Digital Media Play

CBS Corp. may be developing a new Star Trek series that would be distributed through a video on-demand service instead of traditional broadcast or cable TV platforms, recent trademark applications obtained by The Donohue Report indicate.

While CBS doesn’t name Star Trek in four trademark applications it filed on Oct. 21, the applications contain images that depict the logo from the science fiction entertainment franchise.

Goods and services CBS said it may offer under the trademark include “downloadable television programs featuring science fiction provided via a video-on-demand service.” CBS also reserved the right to use one of the trademarked images, which it described as “a double parabola on top of a circle or ring,” for “a mobile application for mobile phones, smartphones and portable media players in the fields of science fiction and gaming.”

The trademark applications were filed by CBS subsidiary CBS Studios Inc.

Paramount Pictures, which is owned by former CBS corporate sibling Viacom, plans to release “Star Trek Beyond,” the 13th movie in the franchise, in June 2016.

It’s been more than one decade since a Star Trek series aired on broadcast TV. Star Trek: Enterprise, which ran for two seasons on The CW predecessor UPN, was cancelled in 2005.