AT&T Pushes NFL Sunday Ticket

With the ink barely dry on its DirecTV acquisition, AT&T is already beginning to tout the competitive advantage it will gain from the NFL Sunday Ticket rights deal.

“We’re going to bring you the premiere programming you care about … for millions of you that will include NFL Sunday Ticket,” John Stankey, CEO of AT&T Entertainment and Internet Services, said in a YouTube video AT&T posted soon after it closed the DirecTV acquisition on Friday.

“You won’t find a single competitor better positioned to meet your evolving TV and entertainment needs. We’re going to give you a wide range of content and multiple ways to get it. It will be simple and seamless,” Stankey added.

DirecTV has used its exclusive rights to NFL Sunday Ticket to anchor its subscriber acquisition campaigns since it debuted in 1994, going as far as offering the premium programming package for free to new subscribers. Look for AT&T to use NFL Sunday Ticket to target subscribers of Comcast, Charter Communications and other pay TV rivals.

“We’re working on new offers and services for you. Stay tuned,” Stankey said in the YouTube video.

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