Arris Builds RipCurrent Gigabit Home Networking Router

Nearly one year after disclosing in a trademark filing that it wants to use the brand RipCurrent to market a new line of gigabit home networking routers, Arris has built a Wi-Fi router that may be capable of delivering video and data to any device connected to an electrical wall outlet.

The device, the “AC1900 Wi-Fi Router with RipCurrent Technology,” recently passed emission tests at the FCC, according to a test report The Donohue Report obtained on Thursday.

Last January, Arris announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las vegas that it was building power line communication routers. Arris hasn’t said which cable operators or telcos may be the first to deploy its new RipCurrent routers.

Arris filed a trademark application for the brand RipCurrent on Dec. 9, 2014. Goods and services Arris said it could offer with the brand include “modems, network routers, gateway routers in the nature of computer control hardware, wireless adapters and ethernet repeaters that feature or and home networking technology.”