Alcatel-Lucent Builds Beamforming Optical Network Unit

Alctel-Lucent will supply a U.S. service provider with a next-generation optical network unit capable of delivering gigabit Internet speeds, according to an FCC document obtained by The Donohue Report.

The GPON ONU contains components from Broadcom, Winbond, Quantenna Communications and Airgain, according to internal photos contained in an FCC test report that was released on Saturday.

Alcatel-Lucent added beamforming capabilities to the ONU by upgrading the software on the product, the company disclosed in a letter attached to the test report. The model number on the device is G-240W-B.

The ONU contains a Broadcom system on chip (SoC) and a 5 GHZ from Airgain. It also contains chipset from Quantenna Communications, which develops 802.11ac and 802.11 semiconductors.