AirTies Steering IPTV / OTT Box to U.S.

An IP video set-top that AirTies has marketed to European cable operators as a “future proof IPTV / OTT solution” may be deployed soon by a U.S. provider, a recent FCC test report indicates.

The AirTies 7405 is a wireless set-top that supports HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding). Internal photos of the device show that it contains a Zigbee home automation chip from Green Peak Technologies.

AirTies expanded into the United States last fall, pitching operators the idea of replacing Wi-Fi routers in subscriber homes with its “smart mesh” access points. Sioux Falls, S.D.-based Midcontinent Communications was the first MSO to announce that it would deploy the AirTies 4920 Wi-Fi solution.

While AirTies plans to exhibit at the National Cable Television Cooperative Winter Educational Conference in Phoenix next week, a spokesman said its focus at the conference will be on its Air 4920 solution.

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