aioTV Rolls Composer Curation Engine

Denver-based aioTV launched a product designed to help multichannel providers and content owners build custom user interfaces that aggregate content from both traditional TV and online video sources.

The company said its Composer curation engine could be used by providers to create interfaces like a channel dedicated to Denver Broncos post-season interviews and news highlights, or an on-demand interface featuring a collection of Oscar-winning movies.

“We find that human curation, mixed with our auto curation and personalization allows operators to delight customers, find efficiencies within their curation teams and enhance their content monetization strategies, all from one easy to use tool,” aioTV CEO Mike Earle said in Thursday’s announcement.

aioTV said it created a set of APIs that make it easy to “plug directly into legacy middeware/client solutions” such as TiVo/Digitalsmiths, Ericsson, Accenture and Comcast’s X1 platform.

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